Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jules and James - Skies Miltonia Swimming Pool Fun with BIG BLACK SWAN FLOAT

Trending at the moment...
are huge animal floats like flamingoes, swans white or black or even gold.  All sorts of huge floats that are so cute and great to take photos with!!! I was eyeing on food novelties - a pizza and a pineapple float online until i came across this!!! Even a pink donut and slice of watermelon are adorable in my opinion.

>>> i bought this really big black swan float from COTTON ON for only $10!!! It was on sale.
so I'm really thrilled about my buy and it's great to see the kids enjoying it so much. Makes great photos too.

Downsides: it's not very stable or steady. So make sure the little ones hold onto the handles when they are on the float if you are thinking of getting one too.

 above: jamie getting cold cos the sun is setting... and the waters are turning chilly.

above: Jules. My elder son growing up so fast. He looks so grown up in these pictures. Oh darling, please don't grow up too fast. There was a girl in the pool that keep eyeing on my son and her grandma keeps insisting her to come and take photos with us.

great. actually i just want to have 1-to-1 photo with my son.
yes. I'm a selfish mum.
maybe even possessive.
 our big black swan float is appearing everywhere in our photos cos it's so big and black!

 Jules piggybacking on hubs

 Jules look really sleepy in this photo....
my shocked look when hubs told me that I'm not lifting baby james high enough for a good photo. WHAT?

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