Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve with the family - A time for gathering and feasting

Cousin Clarus is here at our place to play with our boys...he's 1 year and 5 months now. So handsome this little fella! All toothy and wide-eyed.

 My 2 boys acting all up, playing shuttle run in the house.

 Finally exhausted. they start to lie down on the floor.

 All 3 boys started to drink from their water bottles. Quite a sight.

 Hub's brother and my sis-in-law with their son, Clarus
Our turkey bundle from Cold Storage which comes with stuffing and ham. Comes with free cheese board too. The only problem at Cold storage (anchorpoint outlet) is that the employees there are so messy and disorganised. This is the 2nd year which we are getting their turkey from them and they always gets order mixed up even though we pre-order at the store very early. What happens is that when we gave them our order chit to collect our turkey, after waiting for almost half hour (turkey doesn't take that long to come from the freezer or store right?), hubs noticed that the people who came later than him have already collected their he went over to ask the Cold Storage people about our order and the lady said that she doesn't have our order chit!! WTH!

So she checked back against her list..of course our names are there. So no choice she went in to get a turkey bundle for us. But seriously she wasted our time because we purposely planned our timing to get the turkey as we needed 1 hour to heat it up back home before our guests arrived.

it's so irritating.

there was another couple who is even worse than us. Their names are not even on the list! Think it's because they had ordered online. So it's really a very messy affair here at Anchorpoint Cold storage.

above: caesar salad by my mother...
i asked her where are the avocados... she says don't need. No chicken slices or smoked salmon slices either. Not even bacon bits. Yup...i'm quite the fussy eater.

Both my mothers brought dessert! 
1 pot of beancurd strips with gingko nuts and 1 pot of mango sago.

as i was still in nanny prepared just for me - pumpkin rice.

above: family photo!

Time for exchanging presents as it's almost 9pm and cousin clarus has to sleep...he's quite tired already....

We have been keeping this Octonaut toy in our store room for almost a year now...finally we gave it to our 2 sons. Gup A and Gup B...hopefully i get their names right...seriously i can't remember which gup is which gup.

My in-laws bought Transformer robots for the 2 boys, my parents bought wooden toys from "That Toy Store".  hubs' brother bought swimming vests for the boys. I bought Robocar Poli Roy for James and Vtech laptop for Jules.

Jade got an Espirit top from her Aunt and Uncle, a newborn pajamas from her grandparents whom my confinement nanny says it's already too small for her since she is over 3kgs. The newborn pjs look like they are more for 3kgs babies and lighter.

We bought a Melissa shoe for my mum and packed a red packet for my daddy.
For hubs parents, we bought essence of chicken and a home diffuser. Parents have everything's quite tough to choose a present for them. But i think it's the thoughts that count!

For 1 year old Clarus, we bought him duplo! I see how my 2 sons enjoy playing with their duplos...and always short of parts. I guess there's never enough of duplo.

 Above: The aftermath of opening up all the presents...wrappers all over the floor.

 My parents bought me a Stokke baby carrier in black and for hubs they got him a BB8 robot.

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