Sunday, December 25, 2016

A trip down to Pompompurin Cafe@Orchard Central

 above: Jules using pompompurin plushie as a pillow.

While I'm still under my confinement, on Christmas day, my parents initiated to bring both my sons down to Pompompurin cafe at Orchard Central. Hubs went along too, just in case my parents cannot handle the 2 kiddos. And true enough...hubs almost "died" without me and the helper.

And with my parents around, hubs didn't want to scold Jules and James in front of them when they misbehaved. So when he came home, he face was as black as 包公.
I think they must have cut his lifespan by another 10 years or so.

They were very lucky that they didn't have to queue to get into the cafe! See photos of the food that they ordered. Looks super delicious and cute. Every dish has a pompompurin in it.
 my mum tells me that this is the boys' favourite
i think i see a meatball on top of pompompurin's head here...and edible fork and spoon made from bell peppers.
 coffee for my dad

My mum complained that Jules took all the food that she had ordered for herself. But she was still happy that she managed to bring her grandson out to gai-gai.
 above: Booth seat house where they all sat in, with window view out.
 Jules attempting to feed Pompompurin
 James loves the big pompompurin plushie

 Now that I'm seeing this photo, I think James must have my eyes... they look nothing similar to hubs.

 Jules fell asleep...zzzz
 While Jules was asleep, hubs brought James to take some photos of the cafe.

When Jules came home that night, he told me that he wants to bring me to pompompurin cafe!
aww...such a sweetie!

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