Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jade - I'm 2 days old!

Jade is 2 days old now. And she has lost about 100grams as my milk has not come in yet. It's quite normal for babies to lose about 10% of their weight during the 1st week into the new world. So i'm not very concerned although I told the nurses that if she's really wailing into the night, they can top up with formula for her.

babies tummies are about the size of a walnut when they are born so they need very little milk to sustain themselves for the first few days. However I really need to catch up on my sleep...yes I'm the lazy mum type. So yes I'm open to formula even though my colostrum has not come in yet.
 above: hubs, me and baby Jade
see my tired face...even the nurse took pity on me and offered to take Jade to the nursery for me to zzz.

 Time passes so fast! Today's our celebration dinner!!! It came on a huge trolley table with simple flower arrangement and candlelight.
A bottle of sparkling juice was served. We thought that between the both of us, we really couldn't finish the entire bottle, so we decided to bring it home. YAY! it will be perfect for our xmas family gathering.
I ordred my Western beef steak with green papaya soup, poached pear for dessert and longan drink as usual while Hubs had smoked salmon , mushroom soup and tiramisu cake.

 I usually order a low salt and less oil, more gravy to my food ordering under the remarks section.

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