Monday, February 24, 2014

Pregnancy #2 - Jamu

after 8 days of delivery, the centre finally got me a masseuse for my Jamu and the masseuse couldn't make it for the time which i had requested.


here's how the session went
1) massage engorged breasts
2) start with back, she works on both of your legs, back and butt.
3) next you face upwards, she will work first on your hands and arms, both legs and finally the stomach.
4) Last she will massage your forehead and head.
Massage is using the Citra body lotion. You will get a tingling hot feeling once she finishes rubbing it on you.

After the full body massage, she will use the hot stone to massage your body, so its face downwards again for the full body back then face up for the front.

Lastly, she will add the ginger to put on your forehead first followed by your tummy. This is the crucial part for the slimming!!!

I asked my masseuse what is the reason for putting on my forehead - obviously i need no slimming there!!! She said it is to prevent migraines in future when I grow old, also it helps to prevent post natal depression too.

WOW. didn't know ginger is so useful huh!

The session ended with the tummy binding as shown in the photo above. Sorry I couldn't get a full shot but this will have to do (as this is how far my hand can stretch for a snapshot!), it's a criss cross of knots working down and up again. So it's twice as tight.

Hope it works as well as the first pregnancy!


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