Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jules - The boys are back from a visit to the Queenstown Library

Saturday was a good day for us. Hubs only visited one site in the morning and by lunch time he was back to accompany the boys. By mid afternoon, he brought Jules out to the nearby neighbourhood library for a walk and skip.

Hubs was telling me that when Jules reached the children's section, immediately he said "Thomas the Train!!!" and the librarian heard him and directly hubs to the books where they have Thomas the Train. Really nice staff they have there, initiative and helpful!

But Jules only flipped the book a few pages, sat for a few seconds and away he went, chasing after other boys in the library.

When he came home, he was full of smiles.

i bet Jules had a wonderful experience at the library but hubs was chasing him all over, he said it was no easy feat.


back home, i'm like a milking cow. no easy feat either.

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