Friday, February 14, 2014

Last day of the Lunar New Year

This year's Valentine's day is marks the last day of the Lunar New Year! While my sis and her husband is away in Brunei, mum and dad wanted to have dinner with us. So we went down to Great World City's Crystal Jade to find food!

It was very crowded and the waiting time was at least an hour when we got our queue number from the waitress. But within half an hour's wait, we were given a table! YAY!

We ordered the usual Lou Hei since it's the only dish that we only get to eat during the festive period, waxed meat platter (Char Siew and Soy Sauce Chicken), 3 coloured egg, soup with tilapia fish and cabbage, stir fried beef and egg yolk prawns.

Spend every $80 and charge it to your citibank card entitles you to a lucky draw! So we brought home some mini pineapple Bo Lou Baos!

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