Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lunar New Year Day 03

Today will be a less hectic day for us!
Just going to meet Jules' godma who is also my cousin for lunch with her friends at 313 Somerset Din Tai Fung for Lou Hei and Xiao Long Bao. *slurps*

it's been a long time since i ate Xiao Long Bao!!!
After Jules' had his shower, hubs is bringing him down to let him play by himself while we get ourselves ready and his stuff to go out.

and we are on our way to meet Jules Godma!!! many people!!! and the waiting time for all kinds of noodles or rice is half an hour's wait. For Xiao Long Baos, it's an hour's wait!!! Anyway, we quickly ordered our mains and lou hei and told the waitress that we don't mind whichever comes first, mains or lou hei as long as the food gets to the table.

Din Tai Fung has its own children ware! Jules is enjoying himself, make believe and feeding himself.

 And while waiting, Jules is peeking into his godma's handphone.
Cousin took a photo of us (hubs says that he can't tell that I'm already 9months preggy from our photo!!) and of Jules whose shirt is so long that looks like he is not wearing any shorts or pants!

YAY! The Lou Hei is here!!! and they don't have the crispy biscuit which Jules loves alot...they only have fried tapioca stripes. I think the Lou Hei here is not wet enough, not enough of the plum sauce.
 slurps. my beef bowl. Too much noodles for me, so I donated some to hubs. hohoho.
The beef stock was done really well and the beef brisket was very tender.
 After lunch, I need something to cool my throat. I'm actually due any time now and craving for all things cold. I feel so hot and heated at times. So as usual, everyone usually listens to the pregnant mum...heehee. This is really when i get to be "queen". I really wanted to eat ice-cream and everyone followed me to Orchard's Central Cold Stone Creamery where I ordered a waffle Strawberry something something. One of their signatures.
lastly. Photo of Jules and his Godma!

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