Sunday, February 16, 2014

James - Special Delivery!

James - arrived just 2 days after Valentines' day. I think it's ok as I was thinking it would be quite cliche for a boy to be born on Valentines' day. So here he is, weighing at 3.25kgs, 50cm long and head circumference at 34cm.

Jules and his grandparents came over to visit in the afternoon. Jules was particularly excited about having a brother although I'm not very sure that he has fully understand the meaning of having a brother.

Jules was very pleased with his gift though, something which we bought in advance for Jules and told him that it was his brother who gave it to him. When he tore the part that showed a train, he went "hey hey!" and laughed out loud. He was so happy!!! He quickly tore open his present.

I think James looks every bit like Jules when he was just a newborn. Same hairstyle, same wrinkled look, the same mouth and skin colour.

same. same. same.

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