Friday, February 21, 2014

Hubs' XX Birthday

My first outing during my confinement and because it's hubs' birthday!!! So we had 1 hour of "you and me" time together.

First we went down to St James Kindergarten to pay some administrative fee and to put James on the waiting list. Next stop we went down to a neighbourhood mall to buy a birthday cake for hubs. And we managed to find a really small one, chocolate truffle flavour. There's so few of us in the house that most of the time, we can't finish the cake. So a small one is just nice!!!

One hour passes by so quickly and we must really head home since now that we have a baby and a toddler at home.
hubs making a wish here before he blows his candle. And Jules is smiling from ear to ear.
hubs blows his candle and Jules helped his daddy to cut the chocolate truffle cake. Jules was very happy, he thought it was his birthday!
a family photo of us! (i'm like a blowfish now.)

9pm: we decided to call it a day and we retired upstairs.
10pm: My parents surprised us with a visit with a chocolate cake from Bengawan solo, Nespresso coffee capsules (compliments from my sis and her hubs) and a GAP t-shirt for Hubs!

Jules was the most pleased because he has another birthday cake and candle to blow!!!

that's all of us

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