Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jules - First haircut from hubs

Both grannies have been consistently mentioning that Jules' hair is very long but they refuse to do anything about it. So the weekend came and hubs decided that he will cut Jules' hair himself. Armed with a not-at-all professional scissors in hand, he dragged the baby chair to our backyard and sat Jules inside. Jules was quite amused actually.
 Here's hubs having a go and trying to cut some layers in Jules' hair
hubs: you dare move and I will snipped your ear away!
Jules - obviously quite scared over here.
Jules start to itch as his back was collecting lots of we gave him a tea towel to wear which he thought it was quite funny and tugged at it. Soon he pulled it away and we gave up trying to put it back on for him.

 So here's Jules half naked again without the tea towel. we used his favourite trains to distract him from the itch.
Next came the razor! and the sound really made Jules quite worried so much so that he jerked one time and hubs cut a "hole" in Jules' sloped hairstyle.

 right photo: can you see a "stripe" on the left of Jules hair? That's where hubs over cut his hair.

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