Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lunar New Year Day 02

It's the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year! So fast time flies and soon it's going to be back to work again!!!

Here's Jules lying on his playmat, wearing his new clothes - a new Ralph Lauren shirt which we bought from Hongkong Citygate Outlet mall. He's rewearing his shorts again. hahah as we only bought him one for the New year.

 Photos of me and Jules
I bought this lovely peach coloured peek-a-boo off shoulder long dress from a shop in Raffles Citylink. And my shoes are bought during the Zara sale.

close up on me and Jules who didn't smile for the camera.
We arrived my parents place around 12noon plus and handled 2 mandarin oranges for Jules to wish his grandparents prosperity and good luck!

 Jules exchanging his mandarin oranges with his gong gong and popo. Popo was so pleased to receive the oranges from Jules and Jules even clasped his 2 little hands together to wish her "gongxi gongxi".

Next stop, it was time to visit MIL side of the family in Hougang. Jules is very facinated with his cousin's Nintendo.
Then it was back to my mother's relatives' place in Jurong west extension! Phew the weather was so hot and the journey there was so long.... but Jules was so happy to see his grandparents again, so it was really worth the while.
Evening time came and it's time to head back North again. This time to Ang Mo Kio where we met up with hubs' primary school friends for a new year gathering. Jules is seated here together with 10 month old Asher. Jules is crinkling his nose here, that's his 'latest' smile.
All the kids were watching cartoon on the telly while the adults were having wine and New Year goodies.
That's all of us wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

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