Monday, February 24, 2014

Milk Journal - Day 9

it's 9 days after James is borned.
My milk production is currently hovering around 45mls to 50mls per breast.

I just want to encourage those mothers out there who thinks that they have no breast milk or little breast milk to begin not to worry. I know many websites out there will say that as long as you breastfeed, latch on, the milk will come. I think this saying needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Because my first pregnancy, I tried to latch on all the time and pump for 45mins but yet it was never enough. Although my breasts look full but somehow when I pump, the amount just doesn't do justice to the size of my breasts.

So i just want to say to those worried mothers out there. You are not alone! I'm also like you. Big breast and no milk. or pathetic milk.

And i really hate to hear from my mother or MIL that so and so has loads of milk, pump and pump until the baby cannot finish the milk in the fridge. It just stresses me out so much! URGH!

Now that I'm having James. I no longer fear about not having enough breast milk, because i choose not to fret and worry myself sick, put myself through guilt and worry that my baby doesn't get enough nutrients or that I'm a bad mother because i have not enough milk. Now I just breastfeed and pump when it's time (every 2-3 hours) and if James is still hungry I will give him a top up with formula milk.

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