Monday, February 10, 2014

Jules - Funny lines and touching moments

2 weeks ago
Jules standing tip toed at the WC
Jules: Mummy...UP, UP!
Me: What is the magic word?
Jules: ...UP?...
Me: Where are your manners?
Jules: .... Don't have! (smiles cheekily and shakes his head left to right)
Me rolling eyeballs: Where are your manners????
Jules pointing to himself eagerly: there!!!


Last Week:
I sang a lullaby to Jules while he laid in bed sucking his thumb.
In the middle of the lullaby he said to me : mummy singing...
Me: Yes...mummy clever! (never knew Jules knew the word singing!)
after i sang finish the lullaby, he took up his soaking wet thumb from his mouth and clapped his hands in appreciation and smiled at me.

my heart melted.
i feel so blessed!!!


Jules on the diaper changing station, struggling to get up while hubs is changing his diaper at lightning speed.
Hubs keeps pushing Jules' head down.
Finally hubs gave up and said "JULES!!!"
Jules went cheekily in his monkey voice ...."be....have...."
Hubs burst out laughing.


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