Sunday, November 20, 2016

Staycation at Village Changi Hotel - Day 03

 some photos of me and my 2 adorable sons.
Jules is currently at this age where he is so eager to please us. He will offer to throw things for us, return his bowl into the sink, shower himself, brush his teeth etc. Always remembers his "thank you" and "please".

James loves to sing and dance to himself. Somehow he always has a tune in his head. He loves to follow whatever his elder brother is doing. He has become very vocal too, expressing his likes and dislikes, often telling his brother "hmph! I don't want to talk to you...." and he sulks. And he is so cute because he is so small!

 A spoonful of Sugar
 My 2 sons enjoyed the thin crispy waffles where we ordered 2 scoops of ice-cream.

i really had a wonderful time with hubs and my 2 sons. It was a really required break even though it was just 3D2N, if it could have been longer, it would have been better. But Monday is back to work again....

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