Saturday, November 19, 2016

Staycation at Village Changi Hotel - Day 02

The kiddos woke up about 8am and after washing up, we went downstairs for breakfast. It's complimentary breakfast for the children which makes perfect sense since both my sons under 4 eats like a bird.

James (2yo) had only 2 bowls of yohurt and he was full.
Jules (4yo) had 1 piece of toast with jam and butter and he was full too.

And for god knows what reasons, James started crying!!! Lucky thing there was this really nice personnel working at Village Changi Hotel named Vincent gave 2 toy cars (from cereal boxes) to both my sons and managed to stop James' hollering which echoed through the hallways.

Kudos again to Village Changi Hotel on having such friendly and understanding staff!!! I'm really impressed!

For foodwise, I suppose there's quite a wide variety of food to choose from - cereals, bread, danish, fishball noodles, nasi lemak, sausages, fruits and the regular egg station where you can order omelette, fried egg etcs. For breakfast, you have to make your own coffee from the machine or tea, and there's juices (not fresh) like pineapple, apple and orange.
After breakfast, we headed out to the swimming pool deck on the highest floor of the hotel. It's a small infinity pool which overlooks the sea. It wasn't crowded on a saturday morning but like i said, it's a small pool.

 There's a koi pond at the 6th storey where children might like to feed....

Since I can't cycle and I'm too pregnant to take a ferry ride to Pulau Ubin to venture into Mother Nature's boudaries...hubs drove all of us to Changi City Point where we had lunch at Hans and walked around the outlet malls. Only hubs managed to buy a t-shirt from Nike Outlet store while the rest of us were just browsing around. Actually if you are looking into buying sportswear, here's the place to visit! There are plenty of sports outlet stores at Changi City Point.

Besides shopping, the boys enjoyed their ice-cream from St Marcs after walking about 1 hour or so around the mall.
 above: ice-cream is definitely a pleaser with the boys.

Another attraction at Changi is Changi Beach where many people were picnicking and fishing, cycling, watching aeroplanes flying past. There's also a huge playground for children too. It's a relatively short walk from Village Changi Hotel to the beach, past the Chang Civil Club.

My boys enjoyed playing at the playground's sand and eventually venturing nearer to the beach side to make sandcastles and finally they scooted around the beach before we called it a day and went back to the hotel to rest.

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