Friday, November 18, 2016

Staycation at Village Changi Hotel - Day 01

We checked into Village Changi Hotel at 2pm and were happy that the whole process was quite fast. Hubs made a mistake during his booking and only booked for 1 adult when seriously there's 2 of us adults and 2 children. The hotel receptionist was very nice to offer free breakfast for 2 adults instead of 1. So kudos on their customer service!

Actually hubs was looking for the family staycation package on the hotel website late in the night while the boys are asleep but he couldn't find it anywhere, in the end i think he was pretty confused and told me the next morning that he has already booked our stay.

The carpark at the basement was very dingy and dark because the carpark lights were motion sensor. I suppose it's a way of energy savings. Both of my sons were very scared and wanted to hold my hands when we walked out of the basement carpark in search of the lift lobby.
Rites...onto the room! Both my boys were so happy to see a white fluffy king size bed and started jumping on it. After awhile they both got tired of it, settled down to watch some telly while hubs checked his whatsapp, emails and lots of other stuff like facebook etc.
The hotel room is albeit old but generally clean. We unpacked our stuff, rested abit and decided to head out for some local food at Changi Hawker Centre where we have heard so much ravings about this hawker centre having lots of good food to eat!

 The hotel has bubble lifts which my 2nd son super love love love.
Just next to Changi Hawker Centre, there's a playground where there were a few kids playing there. I let both Jules and James play there for awhile. I got bitten by a mozzie and demanded to leave...cos i'm preggy!!! Even Jules was bitten by a mozzie too. So folks, if you are gonna stay at the playground, please spray your mozzie repellent or put some mozzie sticker.
Finally i could settle my butt down and order some food. We tried Mei Xiang Banana Fritters $1 for 1 or you can order the bigger pisang $1.50 for 1. We also tried Changi Village Fried Hokkien Mee which was really delicious and wet! The noodles totally had the prawn stock flavour and it was awesome!
We also tried Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak cos there was practically no queue on a friday early evening at 5pm. I'm not sure what's the rave about this stall's Nasi Lemak. IMHO Qiji's nasi lemak is comparable. Then there's was Jason's place satay where we ordered 5 sticks of chicken and 5 sticks of pork belly. OMG! the pork belly was really really good, soft and i couldn't get enough of it. But it was $1.20 per stick whereas the other meats were 60 cents a stick.

The peanut sauce was so-so. It's really the satay that was well done.
 i reckon a coconut is the best way to quench all of our thirst.

The terrific thing about staying at Village Changi Hotel is that you can catch Pokemons literally from the comforts of your bed! Unfortunately we didn't get the middle room along the main spine of the corridor so we weren't exactly "sandwiched" between 2 poke stops.  We were only near to 1 poke stop but i suppose that's good enough for both my boys to catch pokemons.

Lastly, there are free shuttle services provided by Village Changi Hotel to Changi Airport!!! Isn't that wonderful? We brought both our kiddos to the airport to play and they had a really swell time in an air conditioned playground.

read "no mozzies".

nites folks.
will blog our stay 02 tomorrow.


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