Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - DIY Tutu Tulle Skirt for Baby Girls

Found videos and step by step tutorials on how to make tutu skirts for baby girls. So i decided to give it a try! It's really simple and you can just simply google for those tutorials online.

For the tulle, I got mine from Spotlight and online Carousel which was way cheaper than Spotlight. But it's every penny worth and difference. The tulle from spotlight is stiffer which gives it more volume and there's a sheen to the tulle. So under light it seems to shimmer slightly.

From Carousel, the tulle is softer, so you need to overlay a few layers when you knot them together to give it more volume. But it's definitely much easier to tie since it's thinner and softer. Besides this, it is more "dull" as compared to the ones from Spotlight.

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