Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - 35 Weeks at Cousin Edward's Wedding Regent Hotel

I've just turned 35 weeks preggy now. Yesterday just went for my gynae check up and was told that baby is still under average weight and size. Petite was a nice word which my gynae described. She asked me to try to sleep more and if possible take afternoon naps.

I'm on my way to attend my cousin's wedding now and trying on my new contact lens (MAXI) in grey colour! Finally I have a pair of coloured contact lens that looks "obvious"! i tried the brown ones and nobody could tell that they were brown. So this time I've decided to be bolder! And i really like the effect too!!!

it's only obvious under bright sunlight and when you see me straight in the eye. However at a distance, seriously it's just black eyes again. see photo of me and my mum at the wedding dinner where I'm spotting a big tummy!

me & my mummy!

hubs, me and my fave cousin. Cuz at the top is the groom!
And the common trending at weddings nowadays is a photo booth! I especially had a great time taking photos with my childhood cousins. Mummy wanted to take one with daddy but daddy is too shy, plus there's a long queue...which deterred my father even more.

From the polaroids, my cousin says can't really tell that i'm pregnant with all the frontal shots and especially I'm wearing black!

Yups i'm due in about 2-3 weeks time now. Time flies!!!


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