Monday, May 27, 2013

Jules - Playing in his cot at the Family Area

Jules has been sleeping on our bed with us every night and over the weekends when he has his naps, we lay a quilt on the floor in the living area for him to sleep/nap so that we can watch him while we are in the living, dining or kitchen.

so we decided that it was time to move the cot downstairs so that he can play and sleep in it over the weekends in the day time.

The good thing about this ikea cot is that not only it can lower the base to allow for an older baby but one of the sides can be removed such that when the child comes of age, he can climb in and out of the cot by himself as and when he likes, with supervision of course as Jules is still very young.

we have also added a bumper playmat at the mouth of the cot in case he should fall. One can never be too careful even though we have our eyes on him all the time. But you can never know....things happen in the strangest ways you can never fathom.

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