Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jules 1st Birthday Mustache Party Part 8 - Jules and Baby Ethan

Baby Ethan looks to Jules, patting his back : Hey Bro...where you get that bow tie huh?
Jules looking elsewhere, obviously not listening.
Baby Ethan: Wah lao, Bo hiew me. Never mind lah...
Jules smiling at a pretty gal who just walked by
Jules leaning towards Baby Ethan: Hey bro, sorry ah, i was distracted by someone
Baby Ethan looks elsewhere now: Hmph. Whatever man.
Jules: Come lah, I tell you where i got my lobang
Baby Ethan with his slit eyes : Sure anot????
Baby Ethan: Wah you so big liao, 1 year old, still eating Giraffe's legs ah...shame shame.
Jules with his mouth full: OMM....NOM NOM NOM.

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