Friday, May 3, 2013

Daddy's XX birthday

Today was a hectic and very busy for the both of us.
It was daddy's birthday so he requested for a day off.
So we took childcare leave to look after Jules and let my daddy go out with my mum.

and of cos we wouldn't just 'waste' our leave at home...
so we planned to meet 3 contractors at our Hougang Project at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.
and meet a potential at 8pm after dinner.

after Brunch, shower, fed and changed Jules, we went down Hougang.
First one came super late like half hour late.
So the 2nd one had to wait downstairs...and it was a rippling effect, so the third contractor came and the 2nd one wasn't done yet.


then my mum wanted to have dinner with us.
she insisted that I plan something, even though she knew i was very tight.
So we had to readjust our potential to another day.

If i knew she was going to spring this "surprise" on me, i wouldnt have planned anything on daddy's birthday but because my dad told me that they were going out!!!

But i know family comes first.
so enough bantering, here are some of our happy shots.
Jules knows that the iphone is in his grandpa pocket
Jules stuffing spoon in his mouth
Currently his favourite hobby because it gets what he wants - pointing.
my mum + Jules + my dad

i love u.

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