Friday, May 10, 2013

Jules - 1st Birthday celebration at the Sea Aquarium

 Had our lunch at the Malaysia Food Street before heading into the SEA Aquarium.
There's a snack bar right at the entrance of the SEA Aquarium and Iron Chef Cat Cora's Restaurant tucked inside the Aquarium. But today we are not going to have fine dining with Jules.

Yay! the whole place is stroller friendly with ramps - that's why RWS won the universal design award.

At the ticket booth counter. At 12 noon, there's already a line forming. And it's a weekday.
after about 20mins wait, we got our tickets. If you have OCBC or DBS card, you will get 10% discount. If not it's $29 for adults $20 for senior citizen and free for children under the age of 4.
The beginning of the SEA Aquarium shows the trades of the sea.

This is the official entrance of the SEA Aquarium!
Once you stepped through the gantry, on your left is the "Strait of Karimata & Java Sea"
It's quite a view with many fishes in a "shipwreck" environment.
me and Jules, facing the bottom of the shipwreck.

Next journey through what they call " Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea". There's a Discovery Touch Pool where you can touch the knobbly star fish. So we let Jules have a go and he's very tickled by it!

Next up, we made our way through the "Ocean Journey" and come face-to-cafe with indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins. One of Jules' favourite for the day.

Here's one swimming upside down, something which the dolphins love doing.
Jules enjoyed it so much that he was sucking his thumb and watching the dolphins go by.

Onwards to the "Cold Water" habitats where Jules pouting and pointing to a Spider Crab
Cushion star fishes
Pulsating dances of the translucent sea jelly species.
Lots of lighting going in here like a club.

after visiting all the jellies ,we visited the "Open Ocean" where we saw all the giants of the sea! Like manta rays (black ones), sharks, goliath grouper, saw fish and other small small fishes. Though i think they are actually quite big but because of the giant manta ray and grouper, they seem small  now.
Lots of sunlight beaming in here.

here's a manta ray above Jules and Hubs

into the "South China Sea" where we saw the moray eel habitat, eee. Not my cup of tea. Feels like many snakes swimming under the sea.

Jules' next favourite: Shark Seas! I think he has a preference for really huge fishes. The small ones he does look at them, but the really big ones, he will point and want to follow them!

Jules looking intently at a shark above him

so many sharks swimming in front of Jules!!!!

Jules goes pointing at the sharks.
Jules pointing: Here's one shark. There's another shark. another shark.
So many that he has to use both hands to point.

point. point. point.
after that he was so tired that he skipped his mid lunch and fell asleep in the car.

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