Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jules - Hubs reading to him

sunday evening.
hubs reading a nursery rhyme book to Jules on the sofa.
i thought this looks almost picturesque to me.

my son has only a few seconds of attention and soon he starts to frown. I think he believes that nursery rhyme can be quite disbelieving, especially when hubs goes "...the dish ran away with the spoon!"

you might think how come the dish and the spoon can run.
and even if they do run, how is it that it's not the fork and spoon that ran away together???
Jules trying to move away...looks behind the couch for a more interesting read.
Hubs pulls Jules down and starts to point to his flabby knees.
Hubs: LOOK son, this is what happens when you don't exercise - flabby knees.
Jules looks at his knees too.
Jules biting his index finger and thinking: Hmm....exercise?
Hubs tells Jules: Tmw we send you to the gym ok?
Jules pulling a long face: LEMME GO!!! i don't want to go to no gym.
Jules pushing hubs: HOW CAN YOU SAY that i have FLABBY KNEES!!!! I'm still a baby!!!!
Jules: I still love you daddy. hugs.

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