Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jules 1st Birthday Mustache Party Part 4 - Here comes all the kids!

First children to arrive were the Eus...Kayden and Kimberly

Happy Grape girl eating his grapes
Both the Eus were eating their grapes from a big plastic bag.
Grape girl looking for more grapes!!!

Gleeful Kayden

Then there was Slade who started to play with Jules' toys and made Jules suddenly became aware that they were kinda precious to him. Soon came Ryan the toddler, who pointed to the toys, he too, wanted a share.
Slade and bowler hat

2 boys trying to read

Me carrying 6 months old Baby Ethan, relieving his mother so that she can have a bite at the buffet. Finally.  Baby Ethan was very clingy to mummy....
Toddler Ryan finally got mummy's attention who brought him to the toys and he started playing too!

baby sophie and baby ethan

my parents talking to Baby Asher's mum - Triffny

Kimberly playing with Jules' sandcastle set...and so did Nessa! Seems like the girls love sandcastle kits!!!!

koala baby: I LOVE MUMMY....hugs

 2 year old Sophie holding onto a toy part..i don't think she knows what it is.
And where there are children, all the adults will be hovering around them like hawks.

 Jules decided to show his affection for his stuff toy lion.
Recently his way of saying "I LOVE YOU" is to tilt his head towards you.

I brought Jules to see the rest of my colleagues who then took turns to pat his little head and tried to make him smile.

Balloon boy and he only likes the black ones

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