Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jules #235 - Going to the PD session 1

 Happy Jules wearing the bib which i have sewn for him!
Here's a picture of me and Jules and we have arrived at our PD's clinic. There are thousand and one children here, all waiting for their PDs.

Super Jules waiting for his turn to go onto the weighing machine. His Bib has turned 180 degrees and has become a cape. Because he was doing his "Gangnam" style on the weighing machine and it was electronic and super sensitive, it couldn't measure Jules' weight as he kept moving up and down like a cowboy. So he had to wait till all the other babies had their weight taken before he has another try on the weighing machine.

Finally we managed to take his weight and we went down to Soup Spoon for breakfast as the waiting time for the PD was about half hour to 45mins wait.
 Here's Jules playing with his new Nottie (knotty) toy. Keeps him occupied for a tiny weeny while.
The nottie toy wasn't going to keep Jules occupied for long. Soon the food tag grabs his attention and he wants to play with it.

Jules: HMM!!!! how dare the lady took the food tag away! 
Jules: Notices that the camera is on him, quickly put up an innocence look?
"Yes mummy???"

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