Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jules #220 - Wearing a cap

Here's a series of photos of Jules with his cap.

this is my favourite photo of Jules wearing his cap!
And he is all set to visit his grandparents in Yishun!!!
5 mins on the road and we got a call from my confinement lady that she wants to come visit Jules before she starts on another confinement job. So instead of her coming over to our place, we decided to bring Jules over to see her and was she pleased to see the little one!

But what happened later was so unforeseen!

our car refused to start!!!! no choice had to call the mechanic and we haven't had lunch yet. Luckily they were kind enough to tell us that most probably they will reach our car in an hour's time which is enough for us to walk to a nearby coffeeshop to grab something to eat.

after eating, Jules' next feed was coming up and we didn't have any water on hand as i only had milk powder...initially it was planned such that we will reach his grandparents place so that we would have water there and I needn't carry so much barang barang.

so sigh.... hubs got me a cab and brought me home to feed jules while he took the cab back to our car where it broke down to wait for the mechanic to come.

after 1.5hours later, hubs came back and we hurried made our way down to Yishun.

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