Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jules #228 - Shopping at H&M

after our sumptous and quick meal at Ippudo, we brought Jules to the Nursing room to change his diaper.
Look! the icon for Nursing room is a milk bottle! How cute.

ok, let's get to work here before our little prince gets a diaper rash.

After his change, we brought him down to H&M to do some shopping. He's needing some new clothes as he is outgrowing some of them already!

Plus gives me a good chance to do some shopping for myself too! The last time i visited H&M was a few months back now. Hopefully this visit i get to purchase some items as compared to the last time where i left empty handed.

And we bought quite a few rompers and shorts for Jules!!! Stay tune for Jule's clothing updates!

Hubs checking out the price tag!

 Really cute beanie for Jules, but we are practical parents, so we left them on the rack.

 after shopping, we brought Jules back for feed, bathe and sleep before we bring him out for dinner!

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