Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jules #213 - Jules@Dean & Deluca

Early Sunday morning and we brought my parents and Jules to Orchard Central's Dean and Deluca to try out their american breakfast. Heard much about this place online and decided to check it out for myself. Plus it's also our treat to my mum whose birthday is just around the corner.
When we reached the place at early 11-ish am, there were many peeps there!!! GOSH these people must live around the block.

The menu is on the wall. I didn't see any menu going around the table. Anyway you just have to queue and pay. There's no one to take your orders. It's almost like a grab and go concept but haha the price is not those kind of fast food prices.

Drinks are to be self-collected at the station while the hot food will be served at your table after you have paid and gotten a table tag.
Hubs and his 'new' hairdo
Hubs ordered the beef pie while I had the Berries and Flapjacks.
here's my take on them: -

Beef pie. Wonderful pasty and crustiness to it. The filling was super yummy and delicious with chunk of beef cubes in it. The portion was just right for one and for a meal. Thumbs up.

Berries and Flapjacks. Stack was difficult to eat though presentation wise was really looking pretty. In fact looked so good that i couldnt stop taking pictures of it before i ate it. But i had to remove it piece by piece to eat it, can't eat it whole like a hamburger. The pancakes are so wholesome! You can take the oats in them and the maple syrup that went with it was very good too.
If only it had more strawberries and blueberries in betwee the stack. That would have made it 100% wonderful.
Dad had the American Country Breakfast...looks erm ok?
Mum had the Eggs Iberico. She didn't really say much. think western breakfast isn't her thing, although she loved the atmosphere and the whole decor.  She felt that she was back in melbourne eating whole day breakfast again!

Soon, Jules was awake and he too wanted a part of the eating table conversation. Ok Jules, quit whining, your daddy is coming to rescue you from your stroller.

Jules wanting a piece of GongGong's breakfast

there's a free standing station where you can get your own serviettes. fork & knife. iced water. sauces. Self service.

Dean & DeLuca Singapore
181 Orchard Road, 
#04-23/24 Orchard Central, 
Singapore 238896
Phone:  +65 6509-7708     
Operating Hours:
Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

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