Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jules #227 - Jules at Ippudo

YES! it's our wedding anniversary today and I have taken the day off to celebrate with my hubby! Hubs just came back from china, though he has been working everyday till 5am in the wee mornings including saturday and sunday over the past week, he still wanted to bring me out to celebrate. Poor thing!!! And he still comes into the office at 9am the next day!!!
Told him that he can sleep on our anniversary day but he insisted that he will bring us out...*hugs*
HUBS the BEST!!!
Dressed Jules in his new FOX tee and it looks big on him. Well, that's because it's meant for a 9 month old baby!!! hahaha and Jules just turned 4 months only. Nevertheless, let's head down to Orchard!

We parked at Paragon and made our way to Mandarin Gallery's Ippudo for lunch. Thinking that since it's a weekday and after lunch hour, it shouldn't be very crowded. YUP! when we arrived at its doors, we were seated immediately! Although after lunch crowd hours, the restaurant was 80% filled with diners!

Both hubs and I ordered the original Ramen with Gyoza and hotplate char siew on the side.
Service was very prompt! Even Jules was impressed! he kept his eyes on the waitresses all the time!
I ordered my noodles in soft while hubs had his in medium. I thought my noodles were ok, though hubs felt that his was too soft. I just wished my bowl had more broth! And if only the condiments of pickled vegetables were free like those in Tokyo, that would be wonderful!
Jules: *sniff sniff*...ok passed the smell test daddy. You can eat now.

 Our hotplate char siew and original Gyoza.

 While hubs was eating away, Jules went to do his finger doodle on the table.

Bye Bye Ippudo! Hope we get to bring Jules to eat ramen again.

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