Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - Week 11

I just came back from the gynae and she told me that based on my last menses count, I'm already 11 weeks! And I thought I was at 9 weeks.

3 weeks ago I tried to make an appointment with Dr Kek but she was out stationed so the nurse could only get back to me about 1 week later. And the earliest slot I could booked an appt was yesterday.

Omg! This was the first time we did the scan!! And baby already in its 'teddy bear' stage. So cute and it was wide awake during the scan cos baby was shaking hands and feet!!! 

We also did the panorama blood test, not sure whether did I get the name correctly but it's to determine the down syndrome in babies and also can identify the gender at early stages of pregnancy!
Dr Kek started me with folic acid that contains vitamin B to curb the morning sickness and some fish oil capsules.

Yup I had my dose of morning sickness as usual. Not like those where I can't get out of bed or constant vomiting. But I tend to burp alot and quite loud. Sounds gross and believe me, I feel quite grossed out too. 

Every morning since the 6 week, I get severe motion sickness in the car. Short of breath and feeling to throw up. Stuffy in the chest like something heavy is on me. 

Hopefully these days will be over soon as I enter into my 2nd trimester.

Week 11
Weight: 48kg
teddy bear shape

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