Saturday, June 18, 2016

LEGOLAND Malaysia Day 2

Breakfast at Legoland hotel starts as early as 7am! We got down around 730am and there were some early birds already. By the time it hit 830am, it was full house. And those that came later had to wait outside to get a table.
Food is quite extensive ranging from Western to local cuisine, cereals, milk, juices, coffee and tea. Plus there's yoghurt, fruits, pastries and bread. Quite sumptous. I enjoyed their nan and curry, nasi lemak and coffee.

my first serving of breakfast - scrambled eggs (not nice), baked beans, beef sausage and chicken sausage. After this, I tried their porridge too but it wasn't hot so I didn't finish it.

Jules having prata with sugar and a hard boiled egg. James is having his cereals with milk.

After breakfast, we went back to our hotel room to change into our swimming gear and off we went to Legoland Water theme park. For guests, you get to go in half an hour earlier than the rest!

Lunch at Absolut Thai. Ordered a Pad thai, green curry chicken with rice, fried rice, basket of fried chicken and thai ice tea.

 hubs and his cup of thai ice milk tea. very good just that there's a thick layer of sugar syrup at the bottom which we didn't stir.
my green curry chicken with rice. The curry is too lemak for my taste. I prefer the watery kind. The rice was mushy and sticky. I thought thai rice was fragrant and loose?
 fried chicken with sweet thai chilli sauce. I guess fried chicken can never go wrong yah?

 After lunch, we went back to roam the other half of LEGOLAND which we didn't cover the first day.
First, we watched a short movie clip at star wars. it's air conditioned. So if the weather is too hot or rainy, here's the place to come and seek shelter.

Then we visited the castle whereby Jules was too frightened to sit the dragon ride, so he sat the mini version - the dragon's apprentice. hahaha.

 There's a mini world in the centre of LEGOLAND and that's our Singapore Riverside point!
 Jules taking the boat ride...
 After we finished most of the attractions, we left the boys at the playground to play.
 Bought a small box of LEGO for the boys...

After LEGOLAND, the boys are still too excited for their afternoon nap, so we brought them to the swimming pool to play.

 Around 5pm, we went back to the hotel room. Showered the boys and finally they fell asleep!!!
hubs and I went out for dinner alone and packed some food back for the boys.

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