Friday, June 17, 2016

LEGOLAND Malaysia - Day 1

We started the day quite early as we booked a driver from to come and pick us at 8am. The driver who came to pick us was very early and service was good. The car was clean and driver was friendly. However on the way back from Legoland to SG, they forgot our booking and we had to wait more than 1 hour at the hotel lobby for them to come and pick us. SO A BIG MINUS point for sgmytaxi.

next time I should put pressure on hubs to drive into LEGOLAND then we can drive to Gelang Patah for my seafood dinner!!!
boys in the clean MPV. we are all very excited to get to LEGOLAND. The traffic on a friday morning was relatively smooth and no queue at Tuas checkpoint. We reached LEGOLAND within 1.5 hours.
Jules immediately went to put his head into the hole. I didn't have to ask him..
At the hotel lobby, after we tried to check in but to no avail. Check in at 4pm. Seriously, LEGOLAND needs to improve their service and efficiency! How so is check out at 11am and check in at 4pm??? 5 hours to clean???? That's pretty long right?

Jules holding onto HUGE LEGO block
The lobby is very double volume with lots of daylight streaming in, a large castle in the centre with a pool of lego for the kids to play. As you walk further in, there's an interactive projector screen for kids to dance too, yet another pool of huge rubber lego blocks for kids to build and parents to watch and look out/ hawk on their children.

LEGO tree with lego bricks for kids to build

Next to the play area is the Bricks Family Restaurant. The place you go for your daily morning breakfast. It serves western, local cuisine, salad, bread and pastries, fruits and yoghurt, coffee and juice. Quite extensive and they also have serving counters doing eggs and noodles on the spot.
My boys at the LEGO tree, building bricks
after a while, James gave up and laid on 2 stools lazily whilst watching the children dance para para sakura.

after browsing around the hotel, it's time to venture into LEGOLAND!!

we did the train ride. Practically no queue at all.

Next we went to the Fire Engine station to become firemen! We have to pump the fire engines real hard for it to move while Jules steer the engine. Once we reached our destinations, we had to pump again for water through the fire hydrant. Jules had to douse the fire with the water that we have pumped out.

Jules the fireman!
Next we went up the Viewing Tower to view the entire LEGOLAND.

Jules and hubs tried their hands at being a pilot. Jules says he enjoyed this ride the most.

Lunch was inside LEGOLAND where we were so hungry and tired that I forgot to take photos!!! We had pasta and pizza combos for adults and kids. After lunch, we went back to the hotel to try our luck for an early check in and succeeded in getting our rooms! YAY!!!
boys jumping on the bed

the kids have their separate pirate theme bunk bed and a pull out bed right at the bottom for our helper to sleep.
The kids area have their own tv and games
Kids separate vanity at a lower height as compared the adults one.
 Above: this is the adults vanity where the dental kits and towels are placed under the sink.
THUMBS UP! they even provide Kids Dental kit!!!

Dinner, we walked to opposite Medini Mall to see what it has to offer. We settled ourselves at Old Town White Coffee. It took quite awhile before our food arrived because it was pretty crowded.
Jules and Me...wefie time.

toast and a basket of nuggets for the boys

Ipoh horfun for me
Nasi Lemak Rice for hubs
back to the hotel - pictures of the Lego toy box provided by the hotel. Really good cos the boys can entertain themselves if not they can watch telly too. And the best part, we don't have to settle for one tv channel!! because the kids have their own tv, hubs and I have a separate tv in our room.

Above: Treasure chest for the kids to try to open.

our stash of tidbits which we bought from Medini Mini Mart...

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