Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jules@Ethan's 1st birthday party (Hosted at the Patio)

Today we are attending one of my good friend's son: Ethan's 1st Birthday party at Hosted at the Patio. It's directly opposite this new shopping mall called the Arc and within close walking distance from Labrador MRT station. Before heading off to the party, my parents prepared breakfast for us at their place so early morning we were there having our breks.

after our hearty meal, we showered Jules and dressed him in his sunday best with a stripey bow tie and off we went for the party!

Jules at the party, he wastes no time at all, quickly came down from my helper's arm and started walking around!

 Jules is very happy playing with all the balloons...currently he calls balloons as balls too.

Pretty party gift bags which the mum prepared. The Restaurant rental covered the catering and decorations! Quite a good deal!!! My friend only had to organize the party bag and cake!

 my helper is feeding Jules some papaya here, he opens his mouth quite big huh!

hubs and Jules watching telly - same goldfish mouth expression

here's a really big photo of my melbourne uni friends with all our baby boys! All borned in the same year!

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