Friday, October 18, 2013

Jules waiting at KK to have his stitches taken off - OUCH.

Jules busy carrying the stools from the angmoh girl and while they were playing side by side, my helper said they have the same height and same brown hair.

Jules met a new friend while waiting at KK Hospital to have his stitches undone. While he was playing with the toy, he happily pushes the wooden balls to the end of the metal rod and gives a loud "boom" and "haha"!!!
I'm not sure whether was it his own way of impressing the girl next to him!!! It was hilarious!!!

and the angmoh girl was busy carrying the ikea stools from one bookshelf to another corner, and Jules went up to her and started to offer to carry the stools from her to the another place. What a gentle fella!!! hahaha!

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