Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jules & Hubs setting up the IKEA Mini-Kitchen Duktig (Part 3)

Jules Island Kitchen like Iron Lady Chef!
Besides the IKEA mini kitchen, we also bought Jules the 5 piece kitchen utensil set, 4 piece cookware set and 15 piece breakfast set to get him going at this kitchen activity.

Jules trying to fry an egg on the electric hob

Had to teach Jules to fry an egg in a frying pan

Next, hubs started the top section of the mini kitchen which had a rail for hanging his utensils and a mini microwave where we kept his breakfast set. The breakfast set also comes with a knife and chopping board. My dad was commenting on how real the bacon and egg looks in photos!
Jules also wants to drill together with hubs

When Jules puts his hand on the drill, he gets so excited!!!

Finally the whole mini-kitchen is set up!

Chef Jules at work!

Jules holding tongs and taking orders!

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