Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jules & Hubs setting up the IKEA Mini-Kitchen Duktig (Part 1)

Weekend came and flew in a wink of an eye!!! Saturday morning after we came back from a visit to the gynae, the detailed scan showed that "turnip" was doing fine, growth was on track and gynae even told me that I'm "Starting to show". *big grin*  Hubs started on building Jules mini-kitchen once we reached home.

Obviously Jules was very excited over the whole project!

hubs reading IKEA instructions

Jules helping hubs with the screws

Jules grimacing. he thinks it's information overload.

Jules help to hold the wood planks in place for hubs

Jules start to make belief that he is in a playhouse!!!

Jules took an allen key from hubs

Jules finds a hole and pokes the allen key through the hole and he was so thrilled!

Happy Face 01

Joy of having the Allen Key poking through the hole

lots of sniggling + giggling here

Happy Face 02

Happy Face 03

Top view of allen key going through the little hole

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