Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jules - In his new Jumper suit from H&M

last night has got to be the longest night for me.
Jules was bitten in the face by daddy's rack russell and my dad rushed Jules to the nearest clinic to get his wound cleaned. The doctor recommended to send Jules into KK hospital for some stitching to close the deep wounds.
After work when i got there, my dad explained the whole situation and hubs and I rushed Jules to KK to prevent any infection from the open wound. He had 3 deep bites, one of the forehead and 2 behind his left ear.

The bleeding has stopped.
The traffic was a killer to KK hospital but we got there around 8pm plus. it was both our first time there and clueless as to how to register. Thank god a mum pointed us to the ticketing booth and said that we need the nurse to check us first before we could see a doctor.
We didn't even rush home to get Jules' birth cert.

anyway, we saw the doc and he saw the deep wounds and said he will get a "senior" to look at Jules.
The senior doc came and saw Jules wounds and said that he would prefer to get second opinions from other doctors. The waiting in the consultation room wasn't exactly pleasant.

Finally the original doc said that they will do the stitches but Jules had to fast for 4 hours before they sedate him for the op.

So we went down to Whampoa market for our dinner at 9pm after all the ding dongs.
Then the doctor called and said 3 hours of fasting is good enough, told us to head back to KK at 10pm. 
The part where they sedated Jules and he was crying non-stop really broke my heart. I tried not to weep or shed a tear.
He went into slumberland and he lay motionless on the op table.
I closed the door behind me and quickly find a seat.

after 5 mins of waiting, I tried to play candy crush to put my mind elsewhere.
GOD! it's taking so long for the stitches!
Finally i couldn't take it and started crying because the wait was so endless and every minute that passed by made me thing something was going seriously wrong inside the op room.

after half an hour, the doc finally came out and told us that Jules had 10 stitches in total and that we were to head for the pharmacy and make our 2nd appointment as he is not awaked yet.

Jules with his little plaster on his forehead.

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