Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wheeler's Estate

Sunday Brunch - Wheeler's Estate
We wanted to try out a new cafe for Sunday brunch and hubs suggested visiting Wheeler's Estate at Seletar. It's called the Oval because the cafes are string on a road that is oval in shape? The main draw is that it's located in those old colonial houses in a lush verdant setting and the cafes are within walking distance to an aerospace themed playground! That's a really big hit with the children.

we reached the place around 12noon and it was really hot. We were 2nd in queue and decided to let others behind us have the outdoor bench seats while we waited for an air-conditioned area.

above: me and my kids...after we ordered, we went out into an enclosed verandah and viewed out to the playground. Tall tables with high bar stools were placed here to house more guests...but i guess most people rather take the outdoor bench picnic style or the air-conditioned "atas" cafe seats.

 YAY! after awhile, our lattes arrived together with a biscuit which were eaten up by my 2 sons. We ordered 2 kids meal - calamari and mac and cheese. Both were delicious. Priced at $10+++

For adults, we ordered Feed Me Breakfast and True Blue burger to share as we guessed that our boys wouldn't be able to finish their kids meal anyway.

Iced water is FOC. All in, my bill came up to about $90-ish. Prices of food is on the high side. I suppose I will be back because I really love the interiors, and how laid back the whole ambience is. It would really wonderful to be back here with hubs. Just that we can enjoy our coffee and just stone.

After brunch, we promised the kids that we will bring them to the aeroplane playground to play....but after about 30mins or so, we called it a day because it was really scorching hot and James was looking as red as a lobster. Not only were the boys slightly sunburnt but James was developing a major heat rash.

so i even gave up taking photos with the silver mini caravan that is located just outside the cafe. which will look so cute if we had taken a family photo there...sigh...another time...another day.

enjoy the photos!


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