Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tioman Here we come!

it's a long weekend holiday for us here in Singapore. So we are going for a short getaway in Sunny Tioman with my colleagues. I'm bringing the boys this time round without baby Jade as I'm afraid the long ferry ride to Tioman will be difficult for her. Plus I didn't want my colleagues to become nannies for us.

ritey...we have just dropped my helper and baby Jade at my parents' place and we are now waiting for the taxi to bring us to the meeting point.

We were slightly late due to heavy traffic...nonetheless, we managed to hop onto our coach and now we are approaching Woodlands checkpoint. The traffic was terrible....thousands of people were also crossing the checkpoint. From 5pm all the way to 11pm, we were trapped en route to the checkpoint and only manage to reach Mersing Ferry Terminal about 230am.

Both Jules and James were very corporative during all the transfers. So I'm really glad that they were so "good". Both of them slept awhile on the coach and the 3 hour ferry ride to Tioman.
 above: hubs carrying James who is snoozing on the ferry ride.
About 4am...we reached Berjaya Resort and guess what was my immediate reaction - start pumping!!! It was almost 9 hours since my last pump!

The boys were so excited that they couldn't sleep so we let them watch a little telly and waited for them to fall asleep.

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