Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jade // 4 months

i can't decide which one is a better picture, so I've decided to put both up!

Jade is 4 months old today. She has learned how to turn from her back to tummy so we can't leave her on the sofa no more. Loves to stick out her tiny little tongue. Doesn't poo regularly, we are not sure why but at least her poo is soft like we know she is not constipated. She recognizes some of our faces and will give a generous smile to the ones she love seeing... like Jules. She is still drinking every 3 hour intervals and farts the same old way like when she was barely 1 month. Our boys totally love her like crazy and begging us to let them play with her when they get home from school. She loves them back with just as much adoration...we can see it in her eyes.

there's so much love and joy in the family that it overwhelms me at times and I wish I don't have to work at all... and just be there to watch them grow.

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