Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - Preparing Baby Jade's Empire of Clothes

 our only daughter soon to arrive at the end of the year...
and I haven't finished buying all the clothes yet!!!

most of her dresses were bought from Bangkok, our trip earlier this year. So it was really cheap and good quality. Really enjoyed myself walking and shopping! The dresses we bought were about 100baht to 300baht per piece which converts back to about $4 to $12 singapore dollars!

*happy mom* 

 above: traditional pom pom /  bubble dress from chatuchak market

 only pom pom skirt I bought in BKK cos they were so expensive there!

 above: cute romper from Godma, online buy

Above: another online buy from Godma. This one is super thick, so I'm going use it as a PJ for her when she sleeps in aircon.

Above: another buy from Godma, this time is from H&M

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