Friday, September 9, 2016

Hard Rock Hotel - Swimming Pool

We started the day by taking a monorail to Vivocity for brunch. Staying at Festive hotel, they gave us 3 days free tickets for the monorail ride too! It's the first time the kids are taking a monorail ride from Sentosa to Vivocity so they are super excited over novelty things like this.

That's Jules helping me to catch Magickarps at Vivocity so that I have enough candies to evolve my magickarp.

 James is trying to learn how to catch Pokemons from his brother.

 At Vivocity COTTON ON kids, I bought the boys matching swimsuit outfits!

Jules love the beach here because the last one at Lombok had crabs in them and he was so terrified that they will pinch him. Nowadays when we ask him whether does it want to go to a beach, the first question he will ask is "got crabs?"

James wearing his Madagascar beach towel overall in lion print. It looks so oversized on him that it is so adorable.

 Late lunch at Imperial Treasure where we ordered some noodles and dumplings for the boys.

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