Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jules Catching Pokemon at Vivocity and taking a train ride

Godma invited me to spend an afternoon at Vivocity roof top to catch magickarps because she really wanted to evolve her magickarp to a Gyarados. She only needed a few before she could evolve.

James was so hot from the afternoon heat that he had heat rash all over his neck. So we decided to seek shelter downstairs for awhile after Godma has captured enough Magickarps. We bought a booster drink for all of us to share.

see. Godma and Jules so engrossed with their gym battles and catching pokemons. They two can hold a conversation just on pokemons. They didn't even know i was taking photos of them.

ok. i think it's time for me to take over the phone to catch some real pokemons and I sent my 2 boys onto a train ride which i sponsored hubs to ride with them. Finally i had the phone to myself and managed to catch some pokemons.

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