Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Fun Day at Universal Studios Singapore

We didn't managed to bring the kids on a getaway trip this Sept holidays and we felt really bad to keep them both at home for almost a week. So hubs decided to book a 3D2N stay at Festive Hotel that came as a bundle package where we can bring the kids to Universal Studios Singapore, Cove Adventures and Sea World.

i thought it was a terrific idea since we haven't been to USS before and both the boys are quite big now, able to walk on their own and feed themselves. Plus we could visit Hard Rock Cafe Beach swimming pool too which both the boys really love.

SO! Sentosa here we come.
Off we went to USS on a Thursday, followed by a lazy pool day at Hard Rock Cafe on Friday and Sea World on Saturday.

 Quick Wefie at the entrance of USS.
James is able to make a "V" clever of him!
First stop was somewhere with aircon!!! I went straight into the souvenir shop and it was filled with Minions. It was Minions everything from hairbands, beach towels, sweets, lunch boxes, stuff toys, chocolates etc.

 I'm now in my Week 26
The first ride of the day was at Madagascar

It was a journey on a boat through a dark tunnel where both my boys were so scared of. They are such scarey cats!
 Second Ride was on a Merry Go Round

 At Shrek's Theme Park (Far Far Away), inside the Gift Shop, there is a very small Ferris Wheel for children. We brought both Jules and James on a ride. I bought a Ginger Bread Man for Jules.

here you can see my bulging tummy!!!

 My super duper caring James - offering me a sip of his fruit drink because the weather is sooo hot!
My little darling!!!!

There are some timeslots where you get to take photos with the USS characters like Elmo, Grover, Big Bird, Ernie and Bert...but we got there really late so we only managed to queued for Elmo.
 did you know that Minions are called  "小黄人" in mandarin?

They even have googles for you to wear so that you can look like a minion. 

At the next timeslot, we managed to take photos with the minions and someone actually tried to cut our queue!!! imagine that! How rude that person was, simply just stood in front of us with his hubs got to tell him off and told him where the end of the queue was.
 There's James refusing to sit in the stroller but to push it like an adult.

we left USS near evening time and the boys were getting very tired.
 back at the Hotel, they just plopped themselves onto the fluffy bed and watched telly.

Dinner was at the Malaysian Food street where we bought chicken rice for the boys. I had the Lor Mee, shared a lor bak and we let the boys try the ice chendol which was so so sweet!
That night, we showered them, changed them into their PJs and they were so contented with just eating cheeseballs and watching television. I think i had quite a good rest without having to entertain them.

The night was so long since we went back to the hotel early that we decided to walk out to Starbucks and try my luck at catching some Pokemons!

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