Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jules #197 - Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is our latest Garden in the heart of our city!
Our plans for Gardens by the Bay was on a Saturday. However we failed to wake up early! and so it was postponed to a Sunday. Nevertheless, we are here and let's take some photos. The carpark was almost 50% filled when we arrived about 10am in the morning. Jules was still kinda sleepy...this little baby only wakes up at 10am in the today is an early start for him.

We started off by having something to eat and drink at Cafe Crema...both hubs and I had a latte and scone with jam and clotted cream. By the time we were finished, there were more and more people strolling into the cafe. And there were so many couples with babies and toddlers and STROLLERS!
There were double strollers too!
Yes, before we eat, we must always feed Jules first...settle his tum tum then he will be in a good mood. And when he is in a good mood, we are all in good moods.

Look left ... Look Right
Jules has already grasped tracking of objects across the field at about 2 months at 3 months, he is a pro and can lift his head steadily to look at objects.

My half drunk cafe latte
Cafe Crema sells sandwiches to go, picnic mats and picnic baskets! You can even rent the picnic baskets! I must say that they are certainly very enterprising. However throughout my meal there, I have yet to see anyone walking in to buy the picnic basket....maybe the weather is too hot for a picnic? Besides scones, they have the usual breakfast till 11am and the rest of the menu are starting from 11am onwards.

will blog more about the garden in my next post!

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