Monday, August 20, 2012

Jules #190 - At Orchard ION!

Today is the first time that we are attempting to bring Jules down to our famous shopping street in Singapore - Orchard Road where the swankiest shops can be found.

First stop was the newly built ION!
The orchard crowd on a weekend is very dense and so we decided that we shall brave through the day without a stroller and sling the little guy.

Don't know what other parents think but I personally feel that waiting for lifts can be very tiring and time consuming. Even when taking the escalator at times, it's hard to queue with the throngs of people wanting to use the escalator as well, not to mention at Orchard.

So here are some of our photos that day!
We had lunch at Itacho ION basement, walked and window shopped at most of the basement shops before going to the newly renovated WISMA to take a look. Personally i feel that nothing much on the insides have changed though my dad tells me that the Food Republic interiors have changed quite abit. Before heading to WISMA, we stopped over at Tea loft which is a sister of Toastbox, had my dose of caffeine and walked a little bit more before i was hungry again. So we bought Old Chang Kee and ate along the seats just outside MUJI.

After walking around WISMA, we went over to Takashimaya to see what is happening at the Event Space - TOYS FAIR!! But Jules is too young to appreciate toys yet. WHICH IS A GOOD THING!
After slinging him for 4 hours plus, it's time for a break. So we went up to Kinokuniya's cafe for a short break before calling it a day at Orchard.

Hope Jules enjoyed his little outing.

Prof Jules zzz away

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