Friday, August 10, 2012

Jules #176 - Henderson Waves

We have finally made our way to Singapore's Henderson waves!!!!

I have been wanting to visit this bridge for the longest time and to commemorate Jules' turning 3 months, hubs and I...we really made an effort to come here!

if it's not because of Jules, I don't think we will ever bring our butts down.

here's a picture of us 3 taken by a really "nice couple" who brought their 9 month old Baby Daniel too! This couple is staying at HollandV and is also making their debut at the Henderson Wave.

Thanks "nice couple"!

here are some of our photos.

Pant Pant. A steep up slope before we reach!

Hubs: Look Jules! Daniel Libeskind building

Jules: I really don't like the sun, it gives me freckles

Nice Couple with Baby Daniel

Time for Jules' Feed - Jules slaps daddy in his nose

Jin zhua!

Jules: Daddy you can't hide behind me, I'm too small

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