Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hong Kong Day 3 - TOY STREET at Tai Yuen Street

This morning, we didn't plan on exactly where to have breakfast. Just went to 大快活 , had one of their economic breakfast that had noodles and congee plus drink on the side. It was crowded with locals. Today's main agenda was buying toys for the boys. Hubs was actually quite excited that he had found a toy street in Hongkong. Usually it's just shopping for me and me only....
after breakfast...jade was having her morning nap as usual. Yes she's a sleepy baby. She has her morning nap, afternoon nap, evening nap. Anyway back to the toy street. It's a very short street!!! It's not like Flower Market or Ladies Market where the street is long and filled with the same stores. This street probably only had like 5 to 10 toy stores. But it's still good to go into every single one of them to compare prices before you buy them.

so. hubs bought mainly Transformers for the kiddos. They were like 20% off the retail prices in SG. They have limited ranges too so i guess it's a hit and miss. Besides transformers, we bought rubber dinosaurs, jigsaw puzzles, tangrams. And i bought a Hello Kitty float for Jade and a sharpener!

After buying the toys, we chanced upon this street filled with red lanterns. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Had my coffee fix at this japanese cafe called Omotesando Koffee. The brew was quite good. Strong and flavourful. I saw many people taking photos. I guess it's quite instagrammable with it's interiors, baristas at work and pretty latte art.

 ooo....shot of my recent buy. My Kate Spade shoulder bag with iced coffee.
 Today, i dressed Jade in a Miffy romper! Hubs says if Jade hadn't wore a headband, she would be mistaken for a boy. Plus she doesn't have much hair to say that she is a girl.
Hubs say i dress Jade too androgynous.  I can't help it. I love my blacks and whites.

Got my cold treat from an ice cream van.

Back to the hotel to rest, shower and feed Jade. Most of the time she sleeps while we are touring HK. So when we are back in the hotel, her eyes are like big and wide.

here's our loot from the Toy Street

This evening Hub wanted to try the electronics street which he had found online. When we got there, I thought it reminded me of Sungei Street on a Sunday. Many peddlers, very crowded. Weather was super hot and after walking half a street, with all the jostle and bustle, we gave up and went back!!! haha.

Had an early dinner at Temple street. Ordered our usual seafood - garlic bamboo clams, garlic prawns and stir fried kangkong. And a bottle of Yanjing beer. We usually eat at this place called Temple Spicy Crabs because we have been coming here for many years but now that we are back again, i wished it was abit more like last time - not so crowded, cheaper prices and better service.

Crowded Temple Street

and to cap the night, our favourite Yee Shun Ginger milk pudding as we walked back from Temple street to Ladies Market. hmm...also very expensive. Must be the side effects of having 3 kids! I find so many eating houses in HK very expensive!!!

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