Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hong Kong Day 1 Mongkok and Central

It's our first time bringing baby Jade without a helper overseas and we are going to HK! Bringing my first Jujube bag - i hope it comes in useful. It was my birthday present from my parents. I used to have a Kate spade mummy bag which I have gotten quite tired of... well it's another excuse to own another mummy bag now that I have Jade!!

And Jade like her 4 months...she loves bags too!

ooo.. Singapore Airlines is celebrating their 70th year! Oh's older than Singapore? Anyway for their 70th celebration, they are giving out Teh Tarik ice cream to everyone on board. For Jade, the pretty air stewardess gave her a Heinz Rusk to chew on and she also gave her a stuff toy to play with.

once we touched down, we took a cab to our Hotel in Mongkok. Our usual way...though there are cheaper alternatives like the express train or coaches. But since we have a large luggage and a baby, we decided that a taxi would be more comfortable for us.

Some photos of Jade before we head out to find our lunch at SOHO area. I'm craving for Kau Kee curry beef noodles. It's a very small and no-frills eatery which serves up to quite a wide variety of noodles. If you are thinking of visiting it before you leave the airport, then you must know that you cannot bring your luggage into the eatery. This applies to baby strollers too! Other things you probably can google them as they are very famous for their beef brisket noodles so I shan't further bore you here with details.

 Getting to the train station and hopping onto one.

and we are there! with a shocked baby jade....hubs carrying her as he tries to eat. But she started crying very soon. Not sure why, probably the buzz in the eatery. In the end, hubs waited around while I tried to quickly eat and carry her out. The minute I carried her out of the eatery, she stopped crying!

Many who come here will try their beef brisket noodle soup, but i really love their spicy curry's how it looks like! I know...typical singaporean!! I really love spicy food!!!

More pictures of Jade with retro stalls along the street outside Kau Kee Beef Noodles. She's a happy baby when she goes out.

Along SOHO, I chanced on this ice-cream shop called Emack and Bolios. Really small shop but sells the cutest waffle cones that had lots of fruit loops on it. The ice cream tastes like Haagen Daz so I guess that's probably why it costs so much for 2 scoops of ice cream. Definitely will cure any sweet tooth's craving.

Hmm. can't remember what else did we do after our lunch at Kau Kee and dessert at Emack & Bolio. I suppose we went back to the hotel to rest before we went back out late to catch our dinner.

above: Che Zhai Min along the streets of Mongkok. Really good. I always come back to this stall whenever im in HK. Plus i know it sounds quite gross but I love pig's blood which you can never find in I come here to eat some!
After dinner, usual practice is to takeaway 1 bubble milk tea, offal from Fei Jie, spicy fishballs from another regular stall where we patronise. Beer from 7-11 and there's this new snack shop where we chanced upon along the street. And it was selling my favourite korean Honey Butter potato chip at $10 HKD which is so so cheap!!!

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